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Overview of courses and masterclasses in the music, dance, visual arts and literary and dramatic arts

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What is Artistry Zone?

The purpose of the project is the regular and systematic gathering of information about art competitions, festivals, courses and camps, masterclasses, workshops in the fields of music, dance, visual arts and literary dramatic arts all over the world.

Information, offers from teachers, artists, art schools, institutions, associations, foundations and art associations are concentrated in one place in the form of invitations to competitions and shows or courses and camps.

A unique space is created where artists and teachers can meet with everyone who loves and wants to learn art.

In the future, the portal also aims to establish connections with foreign institutions and to process the project in multiple language versions.

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Let people know about yourself or your organization! Due to special filtration in the search, visitors can choose their category precisely. The Zona umeni is one of a kind. There is no need to pay for expensive promotion on social media and other websites anymore. The Artistry zone is the cheapest advertising portal in the art world. Search and compare!

Why are we doing it?

We hope that this project will serve all the groups for which it is intended and will bring about a particularly clear presentation of artistic activities.

The aim of these activities is also to bring them closer to those who have not yet had the opportunity to convince themselves of the diversity and accessibility of these artistic areas.

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